Growing Hope

A group in the want to start a community project to grow their own vegetables for the people in the camp.  They named it Growing Hope in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps. They have done their research and planned and costed everything.  You can read their full project plan below or in the Growing Hope Project Brochure.
Because of the harsh conditions, extreme temperatures and lack of water in the desert it is very hard to grow vegetables. However, in the nearby town vegetables are grown successfully in greenhouses but this is expensive to set up. We need money to help them get the project started, money to dig a well, money for the  greenhouse and money for the initial running costs until the project starts to pay for itself and hopefully expand.

Phase 1 of our fundraising effort is now complete and we have raised £23,000. This has allowed them to :

  • Build a Greenhouse with a fence around it and a small building for a guard to stay in
  • Buy the first loads of seeds and compost
  • Buy in water for the first few months
  • Employ a guard and a gardener
  • Start growing their first plants

In phase 2 we aim to raise £13,000 to let them dig a well and move towards being fully sustainable. The camps are above aquifers under the desert but it is expensive to dig deep enough to access the water.

Download the Project Brochure

Latest Updates on the Project

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