Western Sahara Support Group Background

“Our long term aim is to grow everything that we need in the camps and not be reliant on humanitarian aid because now they’ve already had to shrink it to half, by tomorrow there might not be any so I want us to have our own small economy to rely on ourselves. We have electricity; we can dig wells for water; we can improve the soil. We have skilled and qualified people who are keen to be self reliant but due to the circumstances of the refugee status are unable to find work”
Fatimatu Bashir, manager of the Growing Hope vegetable project which we are supporting


  • to prevent or relieve poverty of the Sahrawi people in the Western
    Sahara Refugee Camps
  • to advance sustainable development in the Camps by supporting
    projects set up to achieve sustainable growth and a greater self-sufficiency in
    food production
  • to advance education in the Camps in connection with sustainable
  • to advance health by supporting the sustainable development of
    vegetable production in the Camps
  • to advance human rights and conflict resolution in respect of the
    Sahrawi people and to educate the public concerning the nature, causes and
    effects of their poverty and suffering.
  • to develop appropriate partnerships to support the Sahrawis in their endeavours to improve their quality of life chances.