Phase 1 The Greenhouse

We are very excited that phase 1 is now complete and the greenhouse (or very large polytunnel) has it’s frame up and is just waiting for the polythene to go on when the temperatures drop a little. Much of the work has been done at night because of course in the heat of the day the temperature is often over 50 degrees.

The polytunnel is 8m wide and 50m long. The plan is to start planting vegetables in September. So far we have been able to send £23,000 to the camps. Conditions in the camps are very bad at the moment due to being very isolated due to covid. Many people are ill and water supplies are very limited. The plan is to buy in water for the first season but this means it is very urgent that we move onto phase 2 which is to raise £13,000 to dig a well which and make the project fully sustainable.

Putting Up the Polytunnel Frame

Compost Delivery Day

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