Photos from The Big Ramble

A fantastic day was had walking through the Peaks. We raised a lot of money – a final total will be posted when we have worked it out! I was so excited that I managed to walk so far that I failed to show proper gratitude to the massive amount of hard work that went into the organisation of this event. Andy of course has been working on this for over two years now and has dealt with all the postponements amazingly; but also I wish to give big thanks to Owen and Clare and Ellen who supported him and also did a huge amount of organising. THANK YOU!

Also thanks to everyone who came and took part – never underestimate the effect this will have on the team in the camps. Things are so hard to organise at that end in the heat and with all the obstacles they face. Seeing how many people are supporting them is such a great moral boost.

And a special thanks to Ryan for taking these photos…

2 thoughts on “Photos from The Big Ramble

  1. Thanks Mel.Lovely message, and you’re so right about the importance of solidarity.
    You and Andy are a great driving force, and I’m really happy to play a part.

  2. Great photos from Ryan which capture what a lovely day we had. Not only raising money for our sustainable vegetable project but also being part of the powerful M19 ‘collective’! So good to see everyone chatting and laughing and feeling proud of themselves.This will hopefully become an annual event!

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