The Camps

  • Andy in the camps

    Andy is in the camps! He is teaching at Desert Voice Box Academy for 5 weeks. While he is there he will visit Fatimatu and find out more the Vegetable Project plans. He will send us regular video updates of how the camps have changed in the 10 years since he was last there and what life is like living in what has been described as the most inhospitable place on the planet. (Once he gets the hang of the technology)

    Boujdour camp and the house and family he is staying with; the water supply; the “garden” and most important the bathroom!
    The souvenir shop
    To wash or not to wash…
    Sahrawi Olympics
    First attempt 🙂
    Andy has been to see the huge polytunnels which they use to raise chickens at a price the refugees can afford. The vegetable project is planning to use a similar polytunnel to grow the vegetables.
    Once maybe twice a year this group visits all the camps,except Rabani as it doesn’t have any proper get very excited .stampede for the bouncy castles!
    Wedding going on this afternoon. Musicians having quick tea break whilst still sounding great.
    The Road…
    Morning walk
    Fatimatu’s kitchen
    Road Trip
    Andy teaching in Stave House
    Water! Bit too salty to drink. Also an Italian project that looks after very poorly small kids and babies. It’s all here!
    So there is water
    The road that even leads to Fatimatu’s house in Smara camp 20 km away!
    oxfam project greenhouses
    Petrol station where smoking is encouraged. I thought I was reckless not wearing my seatbelt even if there was one that actually worked
    Feeding the goats – still cant believe what they eat!!
    “Recent wedding .there is a young men’s tent where they all wear jeans and smoke fags,an old boy tent where they put me where you sit around and drink tea and talk about the war,then the womens tent which looks like the place to be. I wasnt allowed in !” Andy’s accompanying comment ????
    Well well well ! I didn’t expect this! Mind you no one is playing on it and the family I’m staying with had no idea it was there.
  • Our Trip to the Camps in 2008
  • Life in the Camps